Finding the right name

Starting an open source project has the same challenges as naming a child in a family. You need a name that will stick to the project for a long time and that you will still want to write and pronounce weeks, months and years from now. And you need to find one that all your family members agree with.

If you've ever played in a band, you know the amount of beer you drank before every band member agreed.

We had a few names that we thought were nice, but not too many and especially not too many from too different courts of meaning.

And with no beer but with two meetings, we agreed to call it cubby.

An open source project needs a repository and a website. To protect yourself from unpleasant experiences, it is helpful to have a quick look to see if there is a registered mark for your name. In Germany, you typically use for this tasks.
Good news: the only relevant CUBBY mark is registered for a so called Class(es) Nice 20 (Furniture; Cupboards), which is irrelevant for cubby's usage. If you want to know more about Class(es) Nice, take a look at

After checking the registration of marks database, all was clear to register a domain, initiate the first push into the new repository, set up a Cloudron instance for the cubby toolset and write the first blogpost.

Now we are proud parents and show the baby photo to the world.

Say hello to cubby.